Alison McGechie

Alison takes her inspiration from the human form and the human condition. Life drawing is at the root of her artistic practice and her sculptural work stems from it.


Over years of intense observation her interest has moved from a concern with form to focus on layers; what lies beneath the surface, and issues surrounding the changes that are wrought on human flesh

over time.


“My aim is not to produce life-like representations of the body but to use the materials to hint at elements of the human condition that resonate with the viewer in a more poetic/metaphorical way.”


She works in a variety of media; ceramics, wood, metal and stone, as well as continuing to explore techniques and the possibilities of different materials in her

‘Life’ studies.


Alison’s ‘Brain Piece’ (right) is from a recent body of work about mutability and the cyclical nature of life – decay and regeneration. It was informed by her life-long fascination with the human body and developed through a dialogue with the materials.


For these pieces Alison used rotted tree stumps as the basis of her sculpture, melding the carved wood with forged, cast and etched metal.


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