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Angie Meaden-Bonnel draws with mesmerising intricacy, resulting in artworks that exert their own quiet power over the viewer, captivating and always offering new details to discover.


She studied fine art textiles at Goldmiths, London, and describes her technique as repetitive mark making, very much like the stitching she used to do. Her tools are traditional pens with ink, which she waters down to create varying effects, and her chosen palette is a very deliberate black, white and gold. This enables Angie to focus on textures, meticulously working the layers away to uncover the intriguing visual narratives.


Angie has become known for her moody, evocative landscapes, which reference her penchant for long walks on the Downs. These are informed by memories rather than specific Brighton landscapes, with all manmade facts – such as pylons – removed – to enable the artist to focus on elements such as the weather and the emotions of the people she was with.


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