Chris Hawkins

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Renowned for his distinctive collections for men, Chris Hawkins brings a unique take on jewellery design inspired by the natural world. Bones, snakes and foxes have all been re-imagined by Chris in his world of precious jewellery and tiny sculptures.


“I work in themes, exploring and developing a natural form and eventually interpreting it into a wearable item of jewellery. I like to work in bold contemporary shapes often combined with intricate detail. Collections are constantly evolving, with recent work more figurative.”


After sketching his ideas on paper, Chris forms models from hand-carved wax. It’s a process of addition and subtraction that takes many hours before Chris sends the master design off to be cast. This comes back as a rough piece, then it’s a question of refinishing and refining the detail. Every piece will be redefined by hand until it’s as Chris first conceived it. It’s a way of returning his original idea into a piece that can be reproduced.


“It was always my ambition to design, make and market my own collections. Rather than trying to design to the market, I only make designs that interest me, hoping that these will resonate with a certain number people, some of whom will become customers. This approach ensures that I remain excited by jewellery making, and always produce the best work I can.”


Chris now supplies shops and galleries all over the UK and beyond, as well as from his own website (see index page 150 for details).


Firefly Studios also runs evening courses that give an introduction to the craft of jewellery making. Students are encouraged to work on their own projects, with expert tutors on hand to advise. Some people have come to make their own wedding rings. Others have progressed to making and selling their own designs at shows and in galleries (see page opposite for details).





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