Christine Tongue

07811 463628

Nostalgia and the erosion of time evoked by nature is an irresistible force in Christine's paintings. Using form as an emotional vessel with a deep melancholic edge, she explores subjects such as Classical painting, Victorian curios, Daguerreotype photography and 1940’s Hollywood showgirls.


In her most recent practice Christine has taken inspiration from wet plate photography using methods similar to photographic procedures like pouring, flooding the paint then scratching and marking the paints surface to imitate ageing and wear. Using these techniques has also inspired her to work on clear acetate and glass as though it were photographic film. Applying this process opens new exciting possibilities in mark making while creating an enigmatic illusion of history and time.


Christine graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1985 having studied art and animation. She lives in Brighton where she paints and holds private tuition in painting, drawing and animation.

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