David Moore



David Moore, a Phoenix Brighton studio artist, is currently showcasing his latest work ‘Sunset Series I’. His work can be found as far afield as China and Australia, although he mostly exhibits his oil and acrylic compositions in London, Brighton and the South East. His bold experiments in light and colour moods; his contrasts in high key and low key tones, convey the drama and atmosphere of British landscapes.


David believes that painting outside, directly from the subject, is excellent for appreciating how to capture the movement in light from a sunset. He uses this method to drive the site studies of his present work, which are linked by the central theme of lights of lines on landscapes.


The deep and distant Downs surrounding Brighton, Hove, Lewes and Ditchling provide the artist with fascinating horizons that are perfect for anchoring fleeting skies and staging an ephemeral sunset. Every one leads to a unique composition, even when painted from the same site and at the same time of day. David responds quickly and intuitively to the setting sun, applying glazes and rhythms of patterned marks over bands of exposed layers and textures.


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