Diane Rogers

07901 898727 // enaidrogers@com

Dian Rogers is a textile artist, designer and painter. The inspiration for her textile art comes from nature and the environment.


Main themes are rich carpets of leaves, the gnarled, grainy texture of tree bark, the beach and its weathered structures, pebbles and rock pools. Images are hand-painted or printed onto silk, then quilted, embroidered and embellished by hand and free machine stitching. This creates texture and raised areas in relief, and gives a compelling, irresistible tactile quality to each piece. There is a fascinating discord between the smooth, lustrous qualities of silk as a medium and the subject matter.


Diane’s acrylic paintings are inspired by neglected, decayed structures and facias of buildings. Exposure to the natural elements, can often reveal interesting surfaces, shapes, colours, textures and patterns.


Diane exhibits at art fairs and galleries in London and the South East. As a member of the Fiveways Artists Group, she holds an Open House exhibition during the Brighton Festival in May.

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