Emma Troy


07788 412389 // hello@emmatroy.net

Emma Troy  Emma Troy is a multimedia artist based in Hove, East Sussex. In her current work, Emma uses drawing, collage, photography and printmaking to reinterpret familiar and iconographic images and text. The hazy areas of memory and longing are explored through re-imagined creatures, ancient trees and landscapes created from old magazines and newspapers rescued from the recycling box.  Nostalgic and evocative verses, often borrowed from old song lyrics, are embellished with gold or silver leaf.


Emma completed her MA at the Royal College of Art, London in 1998. Also working in live art, installation and video, her work has been seen widely around the UK and Europe. Several of her works have been shown on Channel 4 and in the British Short Film Festival. Emma’s prints are now exhibited in galleries around the UK and are available directly through her website.


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