Frances Bloomfield

During the past five years Frances Bloomfield has created a significant body of work, which she has exhibited widely. She is now represented by Saffron Gallery in Battle, Clifton Fine Art in Bristol and Liberty Gallery who show her work at the major London and regional art fairs.


Her work explores the layered narratives of dreams and the ‘improbable’ scenarios that we unconsciously construct. The depth and complexity of Frances Bloomfield’s dreamboxes offer the viewer a rich landscape for reflection. Curious juxtapositions of elements challenge familiar meanings and open up new dialogues in a variety of settings – rural, industrial and most recently ‘domestique’.


This quote from Paul Auster’s novel Man in the Dark (2008) clearly expresses the main concerns of the work:

“There’s no single reality...there are many realities. There’s no single world.

There are many worlds, and they all run parallel to one another, worlds and anti-worlds,

worlds and shadow-worlds, and each world is dreamed or imagined or written by

someone in another world. Each world is the creation of a mind.”


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