Geoff Hands

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The Current work of Geoff Hands ostensibly suggests abstract pictorial constructs made in response to recalling walks along coastlines. However, the artist understands the paintings more as performative acts, intending to be bold, demanding, ambitious and commanding of attention. These are studio paintings, but they could not have been made without referencing experiences that are contingent: the sea and skies, the time of day, weather conditions, sounds and memory.


When out walking, Geoff will draw spontaneously in a sketchbook: inviting reverie with a contradictory sense of stillness and movement. He finds that something similar can happen in the studio – gestural actions and decision-making, punctuating contemplation.


Geoff strongly believes that paintings should be made to be experienced, and hopes that some connection with his work will resonate with the viewer – so that this shared enquiry is conditioned by a visceral, visual and tactile empathy.


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