The Gilded Cage


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The Gilded Cage is a tattoo studio and boutique in Brighton, and is the home of tattooist James Robinson. The studio has made a strong impression on St James Street. It has built up a solid reputation for creating distinct, beautiful tattoos with a strong influence from nature, religion, mythology and the macabre.


All James’s designs are custom made; and not only for the wall, but transgress to the human flesh, really bringing his designs to life.


Designs are researched for the individual customer, roughly drawn as thumb nails, sketched out large, then worked back into with mixed media, paint, graphic pens, pencil and usually embellished with Swarovski crystals and glitter for a hint of vibrancy.


James works alongside other influential artists in Brighton. The studio has a gallery space upstairs, which displays Brighton’s finest and a collection of  outstanding original styles.


If you haven’t entered the Gilded Cage yet, make sure you stop by. Be prepared to enjoy a lavish, eye-catching environment decorated with vintage splendour. If not for a tattoo, you will want to return time and time again to soak up its luxurious atmosphere and maybe even take a way a piece of artwork on a cushion or wall hanging, which you would be proud to hang in your own home.


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