Heike Roesel


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Heike finds the Heike finds the inspiration for her etchings from observing day-to-day life situations. Ordinary objects can be a source she draws on, as much as her surroundings here in Brighton. Heike looks at the shapes, colours, and forms, and mixes these impressions with a large sprinkling of imagination to develop them into visual ideas. The focus in her artistic work is to bring life to these composed ‘worlds of their own’, that otherwise would not exist.


Since 2010, Heike has been working with acrylic resist etching techniques. This alternative process opened up a wide creative playing field for her ideas. The process has a strong influence as a creative tool in its own right.

Down to the printing of each etching, Heike looks for the unexpected: the ‘spark’ and a surprise at the end of this creative journey. Each of the resulting prints is an original piece of artwork.


With the resulting etchings, Heike hopes to inspire the observer’s imagination, so they can discover their own individual ‘picture’ in her work. Her desire is to send people’s minds on a joyful journey, that finds new aspects in the imagery every time they look.

Imagination is what else there might be.


Heike’s etchings are on sale in Brighton’s IO Gallery, Sydney Street and Bellis Gallery, Kings Parade; also Cuckoo Cuckoo Gallery, Westhill Arcade, Hastings.


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