Karl Smith


07717 740206 // karl@carvedoak.co.uk

Karl Smith's work is often inspired by his beloved Sussex landscape, the human form and elements from nature. His pieces have a sensual fluid energy and simplicity.


He enjoys working with different mediums and in different scales, for example the juxtaposition of steel and timber in his epic sculptural furniture, as recently featured in How to Spend It magazine. However, he is equally at home carving alabaster into organic forms or creating exquisite heirloom pieces of jewellery.


The slow process involving hand tools allows Karl to discover the hidden beauty within the timber, or stone that could so easily be lost with the use of power tools. History naturally occurring during the creative process is treasured and explored. These tooled marks are an integral part of his aesthetic.


Karl enjoys working in collaboration with his clients, who have included interior designers such as Intarya, on commissioned pieces. Thus enabling him to create the perfect end product for their environment.

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