Lizzie Thomas


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Lizzie Thomas is an artist and children’s author/illustrator. Narrative is central to her crafted work. She writes with materials and images rather than words, and her aim is to draw out the lyrical qualities that exist in wood and paper.


Lizzie enjoys using sheet materials to create moving mechanisms and is passionate about ‘pop-ups’. She loves the theatricality of their mechanism: something secret waiting to burst out and surprise the viewer. Her aim is to push the boundaries of pop-up towards beautiful hand-crafted sculpture by combining her skills in paper engineering, detailed papercutting, bookbinding and woodworking.


Lizzie has just finished her first children’s picture book starring folk doll ‘Coco Kokeshi’ and her magical Spirit Cat companion ‘KamiCat’, and is hoping to secure a publisher soon. She exhibits her work in the UK and internationally, including South Korea, Berlin, USA and Japan.


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