Louise Dear


07900 117430 // louise@louisedear.com

Louise Dear's paintings are a sumptuous feast. Seduction is her aim, and her works skillfully demand that the audience experiences the delight with which they were created. These neo-pop infused works are expertly fashioned using a multitude of media: golds, glitters and glosses layered on large panels of distressed aluminum. Lavish, richly textured figures are sensually erotic, luminous and powerful, overlaid with flowers and frivolity that entice and seduce. In some, elements of nostalgic kitsch emerge and storybook-beautiful children – their unique spirits captured – secure tender moments; snatches of childhood memory.


Louise’s works are addictive, and many of her collectors become obsessed with surrounding themselves with the pure pleasure they portray. Having been exhibited extensively, these vibrant paintings have sparked the interest of several major museums and are held in numerous collections including those of Rick Stein, Qatar Holdings (the owners of Harrods) and Sir Elton John.


After a decade in Devon, Louise has recently returned to Brighton and set up her workshop at Vine Street Studios in the North Laine.

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