Marga Beuth


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Expressing feminine energy


Marga Beuth is a sculptor, printmaker and artistic anthropologist. Alongside her art, she offers observations about the human condition and specifically about feminine energy and its place in the world.


Currently, Marga’s art revolves around a triangle of issues: representing the most feminine body part (the vulva), creating new female symbols and thirdly exploring the essence of ‘The Feminine’. She uses the vulva to represent ‘The Feminine’ and feminine energy – offering in effect new symbols of feminine power.


Marga believes that if women feel uncomfortable with a defining characteristic of their gender, they can never act in a relaxed and powerful way in the world. In her view the vulva represents womanhood, just like a penis represents manhood. It’s as simple as that!


Marga has worked as an artist for about eight years, while working as a consultant for publishing companies. Her recent work has focused on printmaking,  embedding the simple almond shape of the vulva into a well known context such as semi-abstract landscapes.


Marga grew up in Germany and moved to the UK in 1986.


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