Rob Ollerenshaw

07912 409354  // rob.ollerenshaw@btinternet .com

The city of Brighton and Hove, and the Sussex shoreline and countryside, provide endless  inspiration for local artist Rob Ollerenshaw. Rob uses a range of media including  watercolour,  gouache, pastel, inks and wax in his works on paper. His paintings are a personal impression of a particular place and time – the fluctuation of light and shadow and the movement of people coming and going across a scene.


Rob is fascinated by changing scenes. As afternoon moves toward evening or as evening twilight moves toward sunset he tries to capture the light effects. In this way his paintings are a synthesis of light, colour and texture. A fine art graduate, Rob regularly exhibits in Brighton’s Artists Open Houses. He also paints the landscape of Brittany in Northern France and has exhibited in the region several times.


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