Suzanne Breakwell


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The inspiration for Suzanne Breakwell’s artwork  comes from her overwhelming love for and fascination with the natural world and all its glorious flora and fauna. She adores paper as a medium, and enjoys the beauty and simplicity of creating a story from a single sheet of paper. An idea for a new piece will often start with a continuous line drawing with the intention to mirror nature’s indomitable spirit of constant change and movement. Flow, energy and pattern figure as key principles within the work she creates.


When making the sculptural pieces Suzanne finds the delicate yet strong characteristics of paper make it an interesting and versatile material to work with. It is this contradictory nature that fascinates her, and its ability to continually reinvent itself never ceases to amaze.


Suzanne currently exhibits and sells her work through selected galleries within the UK and her website. She is also happy to work on commissioned pieces. Please contact her for further details (see index page 151).


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