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Vincent Donlin's work spans over three decades, since he started painting in the early seventies.


Vincent is largely self-taught, but was lucky enough to meet and be taught by the late visionary artist Donald Pass at Upbury Manor Secondary School. He later attended Medway College of Design, where he completed a foundation course.


After leaving college, Vincent met artists Stephen and Simon Postgate, Billy Childish, Sexton Ming and Charles Thompson. He also wrote poetry that was published by Charles Thompson, co-founder of the ‘Stuckists’ group. The poetry was reproduced in Charles’s ‘Cheapo’ magazine and was printed on Mr Thompson’s own printing press.


During the early eighties, Vincent and his friend and fellow artist sculptor Stephen Postgate spent time working together in Wales where they shared  Stephen’s father’s cottage in Llandeilo. Here they painted together sharing ideas, dole cheques, tomato paste flapjacks, beer and canvas.


Later in London, Vincent and Stephen  lived in various squats around Westbourne Park, Latimer Road and Notting Hill Gate. They continued painting large-scale canvases using paint taken from skips, powder paint mixed with washing-up liquid and sized with wallpaper paste on calico. Miraculously some of this work has survived and is in remarkably good condition.


 From 1996 until 2008, Vincent painted pictures of religious subject matter. Since then he has painted numerous paintings of Brighton, which are usually taken from photographs, and portraits in various media including work on an iPad. Most of all he prefers ‘the putrefying fecundity of oil paint’. These are painted on canvas or wood using an acrylic underpainting and building up the picture using linseed oil glazes and finished in oil paint.


Follow Vincent on Facebook, where he uses the name ‘Vincenzo Donlini’.



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